The Assistant Director of Nursing works with the Director of Nursing to manage the Nursing Department with
high professional and personal standards. He/She works with the Director of Nursing to plan, organize,
coordinate and direct the nursing functions for professional and non-professional nursing personnel to ensure the
highest quality of care is provided in a cost effective manner to the residents in the facility.
The Assistant Director of Nursing works with the Director of Nursing to exercise administrative authority,
responsibility and accountability for nursing service objectives, policies and procedures, nursing functions and
activities, nursing care, and the nursing staff and their training.
The Assistant Director of Nursing is responsible to the Director of Nursing of the facility.

He/She must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing currently registered with the state agency for
nursing licensure and hold a valid nursing license in the state he/she is employed.

l.  Demonstrates leadership and managerial ability.
2. Has the ability to organize, plan and supervise the Nursing Department in coordination with other resident
3. Demonstrates the ability to lead the Nursing Department in a cost effective, professional manner.
4. Maintains effective interpersonal relationships.
5. Is capable of implementing changes as mandated by Federal, State and management suggestions.
6. Is of good emotional, mental and physical health, having sound judgment and high professional standards.
7. Is courteous in working with residents, families and employees.
8. Maintains a neat, well-groomed and professional appearance at all times.
9. Has a desire to work with the geriatric residents and their current and prospective needs.
10. Must be willing to be in the facility working with the staff of each shift at varying times.
11. Must be willing to be in and/or available to the facility weekends as well as weekdays.
12. Must demonstrate ability to follow recommendations as designated by the Corporate Nurse.
13. Must demonstrate ability to evaluate the geriatric resident’s needs and implement systems to meet these
14. Must demonstrate ability to evaluate nursing staff needs and implement systems to assure staff education is
provided to provide quality are.
15. Must demonstrate the ability to function as a cooperative team member with all disciplines in the facility.
16. Must demonstrate the ability to manage Nursing Department within designated staffing and supply
17. Is willing and capable of providing emergency care as needed for any resident in the facility.
18. Must have a pre-employment and an annual Tuberculosis screening examination.

The Assistant Director of Nursing works with the Director of Nursing to assure the following
responsibilities are accomplished
1. Evaluates, plans and organizes nursing care according to established policies.
2. Assists in pre-screening, room assignment and discharge of residents.
3. Sees that a nurse accompanies all physicians making rounds and that all orders are carried out.
4. Supervises all nursing activities and promotes improvement in nursing care.
5. Makes rounds on all residents daily.
6. Coordinates nursing service with other departments
7. Maintains accurate reporting and recording according to policies and procedures, evaluates
and makes recommendations for improvements for the welfare of the resident.
8. Maintains comfort and pleasant environment and promotes elimination of hazards.
9. Sees that supplies are available in proper quantities, that equipment is available in good
condition, and that personnel using such supplies and equipment know where such are to be
found and know the proper care and use.
10. Receives thorough reports from Charge Nurses on all shifts and works closely with them to
ensure maximum total care.
11. Gives daily report on conditions in nursing service to the Administrator. Responsible for assuring accurate recording of medications and narcotics according to procedures.
12. Participates in nursing care as needed and is responsible for the direct handling of any emergency situation, which may arise.
13. Is responsible for the overall assessment and Interdisciplinary Care Planning process.
14. Makes rounds daily, implements interventions as indicated.
15. Sees that all personnel on the shift are oriented to the duties assigned to them.
16. Assigns personnel according to various skills in relation to resident needs.
17. Stimulates interest and attitudes in personnel to develop understanding of and encourage health
and restorative nursing practices.
18. Gives guidance to personnel as needed, evaluates performance, discusses progress and needs for
improvement, and prepares evaluation of performance as directed.
19. Prepares and posts time schedules at least two weeks in advance of days being scheduled.
20. Sees that personnel are familiar with fire drill regulations and procedures and disaster plan.
21. Assists in interpreting the goals and objectives of the facility to nursing service personnel.
22. Assists with interviewing, evaluating and selecting new personnel.
23. Defines duties and interprets policies of nursing service.
24. Verifies time worked on personnel time cards as necessary.
25. Conducts orientation and educational programs for nursing personnel.
26. Arranges and conducts staff meetings monthly.
27. Promotes effective working relationships with the administrator, medical staff, personnel,
volunteers and agencies, and management staff affiliated with the facility.
28. Delegates responsibility and authority.
29. May terminate undesirable personnel according to policy with the approval of the Administrator.
30. Performs other tasks as assigned.
31. Attends required staff in-services, meetings, orientation, and continuing education activities as required.
32. Is aware of and adheres to Patient’s Bill of Rights and confidentiality of patient information including HIPAA regulations.
33. Interacts with patients and family members. co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in a non-judgmental,
supportive and calm manner.
34. Is aware of Patient Abuse Reporting Law.
35. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a positive, helpful and
enthusiastic attitude.