Drivers are assigned to Management Seven facilities after a Motor Vehicle Check to ensure the individual has a clear driving history report and completion of the Transportation Checklist. Drivers are assigned by the Transportation Supervisor or Designee of the facility to transport residents to and from appointments and other miscellaneous trips as instructed.

1. Must be experienced driver with an understanding of vehicle engines.
2. Violation flee driving record and be approved by the company insurance carrier
3. Must have knowledge of the local area and be able to follow directions and/or read a road map
4. Some basic knowledge of the mechanical operation of a combustion engine

1. Employee must be alert, able to drive under all highway conditions, at all hours, and with residents under driver’s care and supervision
2. Employee must be able to assist residents in getting in/out of the van and destination without hurting themselves or the resident
3. Employee must have capacity to respect human beings and treat residents with dignity
4. Employees should remember that their appearance is a reflection on the facility and should be appropriately attired.

1. Verify all components of vans seat belts and tie downs are in good working order PRIOR to transporting resident.
2. Vehicle is in a safe mechanically sound condition
3. Operate vehicle at a safe speed and with headlights on
4. Cleanliness of vehicle which may include washing and/or vacuuming of van
5. Obtain or perform scheduled oil changes, inspections, etc.
6. Appearance of the resident — remember that this reflects on the driver and the facility
7. Familiar with all pick-up and drop-off appointment locations
8. Getting residents to locations in a timely manner, via shortest route, while making safety of the resident his/her first priority.
9. Any incidents must be reported to Administrator or DON while off premises immediately.
10. Any other duties assigned by supervisor