The Maintenance Mechanic under close supervision of the Administrator performs general building maintenance such as areas of carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, etc. May prepare and monitor heating, air conditioning/ventilation equipment for operation. Performs other duties as directed.

Preferred high school or equivalent education.
Preferred 2 – S years building maintenance or related experience or special training in the skilled trades from an accredited trade or vocational school.

1. Knowledge of general building maintenance practices and procedures.
2. Knowledge of local and state building codes as it pertains to the repair and/or replacement of physical plant systems/equipment.
3. Knowledge of safety requirements and regulations.
4. Knowledge of heating/air conditioning/ventilation systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems.
5. Knowledge of proper painting skills, carpentry skills, flooring skills.
6. Ability to operate various types of mechanical equipment.
7. Ability to repair minor mechanical equipment.
8. Ability to work with and around others.

1. Performs general skilled building maintenance tasks. Receives work orders and performs tasks required to complete duties assigned.
2. Monitors and records water temperatures throughout the facility. Such as resident use areas, laundry and dietary areas.
3. Monitors and maintains heating/air conditioning/ ventilation equipment. Such as changing/cleaning filters, lubricating motors, tightening/changing belts, changing fan motors, compressors, changing out wall units and components etc.
4. Monitor and maintain electrical systems. Such as changing and/or replacing fuses, breakers, light bulbs, light switches, outlets, fan motors, light fixture globes/diffuse/lenses, elements etc.
5. Monitor/maintain /exercise and keep records of the emergency generator set and transfer switch. Such as keeping primary and secondary fuel sources at full capacity. Checking and changing, as needed the fluid levels, belts, hoses and batteries etc.
6. Monitor/maintain/test and keep records of the fire alarm/smoke detection system, fire sprinkler system, dietary vent-hood fire suppression system, hand held fire extinguishers etc. Know how to operate all systems, testing all systems per the current codes and regulations, and having a written list of the contracts and phone numbers of the licensed professionals who are contracted to repair/maintain and test the various systems. Keep all required inspections on this equipment current.
7. Monitor/maintain the nurse call system and related components. Such as changing call cords, call cord outlets, call light bulbs etc.
8. Maintain refrigeration systems as allowed by law, such as ice machines, walk-in coolers/freezers, free standing coolers/freezers, water fountains. Water fountains function properly, clean refrigerator coils, etc.
9. Maintain dietary equipment such as steam tables, dish machine, steamers, toaster, mixer etc. Such as minor repairs etc.
10. Maintain door hardware and general building hardware. Such as repairing/replacing door lock sets,
closets, doorstops, kick plates, thresholds, repairing/replacing towel dispensers, soap dispensers, towel bars, grab bars, wall signs, etc.
11. Maintain equipment/furniture. Such as repairing wheel chairs, shower chairs, resident-bed/hand rails/crank system as well as general wood furniture repair etc.
12. Maintain plumbing systems. Such as repairing/replacing lavatory/sink faucets, toilet components and relieving routine drain clogs etc.
13. Maintain interior and exterior finishes. Such as repairing dry wall, plaster. brick, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, sheet flooring, cover base, ceiling tile, painting and minor carpentry repairs etc.
14. Maintain the roof systems. Such as cleaning any and all debris off the roof, out of gutters and drains etc. Preserving the roof system warranty, if applicable.
15. Receiving, unloading, unboxing and placement of heavy furniture and/or equipment as well as moving/relocation of existing furniture and/or equipment.
16. Performs other tasks as assigned.
17. Attends required staff in-services, meetings, orientation, and continuing education activities as required.
18. Is aware of and adheres to Patient’s Bill of Rights and confidentiality of patient information including HIPAA regulations.
19. Interacts with patients and family members. co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in a non-judgmental, supportive and calm manner.
20. Is aware of Patient Abuse Reporting Law.
21. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a positive, helpful and enthusiastic attitude.