The Office and Clerical employee receives Accounts Receivable for the nursing home. Organizes, maintains and completes all administrative reports required for efficient functioning of the nursing home. Maintains receipts for expenditures. Reports all significant information to the Administrator.

Responsible to the Administrator.

Preferred high school or equivalent education. Business courses preferred, but not required.

1. Must have some experience with bookkeeping.
2. Must have some computer experience.
3. Must be able to type, and to use other office equipment.
4. Will receive some on-the-job training regarding proper handling of administrative matters according to formulated policies.
5. General knowledge of nursing home function.
6. Has the ability to work well with the general public.
7. Has the ability to meet and deal with a variety of employees, residents, and relatives.
8. Considerable initiative and judgment is needed in promoting favorable public relations.
9. Must be sociable, courteous and have a memory for details.
10. Must have a pre-employment and an annual Tuberculosis screening examination.

1. Handles patient‘s funds and distributes their money according to the patient’s demand, or to expenses incurred outside of the facility, when necessary.
2. Completes weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
3. Answers the telephone and distributes all in coming mail.
4. Relates knowledgeable information regarding admission requirements and rates.
5. Assists in filing and maintaining discharge records.
6. Keeps daily log on patient funds and enters into the computer daily.
7. Is familiar with insurance coverage’s on residents in order to channel their medical bills and supplies.
8. Is familiar with the admission folder and admits new resident relating knowledgeable information to family and resident regarding admission requirements and rates.
9. Enters all pertinent information regarding new resident into the computer.
10. Is familiar with personnel folder and is able to complete with new employees, giving information regarding company benefits, policies and salary.
11. Enters pertinent information on new employees into the computer.
12. Completes payroll time cards and enters pertinent information into the computer.
13. Distributes payroll checks.
14. Performs other tasks as assigned.
15. Attends required staff in—services, meetings, orientation, and continuing education activities as required.
16. Is aware of and adheres to Patient‘s Bill of Rights and confidentiality of patient information including HIPAA regulations.
17. Interacts with patients and family members, co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in a non-judgmental, supportive and calm manner.
18. Is aware of Patient Abuse Reporting Law.
19. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a positive, helpful and enthusiastic attitude.