Directs and supervises resident social service programs. Evaluates the social needs of each resident admitted and formulates a written plan of care. Reviews and revises plan as necessary, but not less often than quarterly. Refers residents and families to appropriate community resources as necessary.

Responsible to the Administrator.

A college degree may be required in Social Services or related field according to the number of licensed beds in the facility.

If a degree is not required, preferred two years of experience in a social or recreational program within the last five years, one of which was full-time in a resident social service program in a health care setting; or has completed a training course approved by the State. Must be able to communicate well verbally and in writing.

1. Must have a genuine interest in the elderly.
2. Must exercise patience and tactfulness.
3. Possess good listening skills.
4. Must be able to execute a social service program appropriate to the needs and interests of the residents.
5. Must have a knowledge of special needs and limitations of elderly.
6. Is able to recognize and identify situations in which problems are such that referral is indicated
7. Has sufficient understanding and self-discipline to relate to the residents‘ needs and feelings.
8. Has an interest in learning and advancement.
9. Possess the ability to work congenially with others.
10. Must be able to work hours as assigned by the Administrator.
11. Must have a pre-employment and an annual tuberculosis screening examination.

1. Plans and organizes Resident social service program according to established policies.
2. Assists in the coordination of resident transfers.
3. Handles inquiries about admissions and interviews each resident and family on admission.
4. Coordinates services with other departments.
5. Completes a Social History on each resident. Completes other Admission paperwork as assigned.
6. Identifies and evaluates personal, emotional and environmental concerns.
7. Formulates a written plan of care for each admitted resident.
8. Reviews and updates plan of care according to established policies.
9. Records continuing progress notes on the resident’s social needs and response of the resident to
delivered social services.
10. Is responsible for the Discharge Plan.
11. Assesses spiritual needs and facilitates participation in religious activities.
12. Participates in the development and review of the Total Care Plan.
13. Assists with the development of a community volunteer program.
14. Conducts in-services on social services for all staff as assigned.
15. Assists in coordinating the Resident Council.
16. Helps open and read incoming mail, and helps address and post outgoing mail upon the resident’s request.
17. Performs other tasks as assigned.
18. Attends required staff in-services, meetings, orientation, and continuing education activities as required.
19. Is aware of and adheres to Patient’s Bill of Rights and confidentiality of patient information including HIPAA regulations.
20. Interacts with patients and family members, co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in a non-judgmental, supportive and calm manner.
21. Is aware of Patient Abuse Reporting Law.
22. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a positive, helpful and enthusiastic attitude.