He/She is responsible for the assessment and follow up of each resident’s need for and result of treatments provided in the facility or a designated area of the facility. He/She communicates with the other Licensed Staff of the facility in assessing needs and results of staff action to assure residents do not decrease their functional abilities such as: obtain skin breakdown, contractures, weight loss, skin tears and so forth while in the facility. Assists the facility to provide education, assessment and intervention to assure prevention programs are implemented. Assists the facility in following appropriate infection control programs. Works with the facility as team member to assure treatments are coordinated with other events of the day. Assists the Nursing Department to assure residents care plans are followed. Documents on records as per policy and procedures of the facility. Participates in staff meetings and in-services as required.

The Treatment Nurse is responsible to the Director of Nursing and/or the Assistant Director of Nursing.

He/She must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing currently registered with the state agency for nursing licensure and hold a valid nursing license in the state he/she is employed.

1. Demonstrates leadership and managerial ability.
2. Has the ability to organize and plan time to assure each resident’s treatments are completed timely and accurately.
3. Maintains effective interpersonal relationships.
4. Is of good emotional, mental and physical health, having sound judgment and high professional standards.
5. Must be willing and capable of providing emergency assistance to residents as indicated.
6. Is courteous in working with residents, families and employees.
7. Maintains a neat, well-groomed and professional appearance at all times.
8. Has a desire to work with the geriatric resident and their current and prospective needs.
9. Must be willing to be in the facility ready to begin assigned duties on time.
10. Must be willing to be in the facility weekends as well as weekdays.
11. Must be willing to work as a Licensed Staff assigned to a unit in an emergency.
12. Must demonstrate ability to evaluate the geriatric resident’s needs and provide intervention timely to assure each resident’s needs are met.
13. Must demonstrate ability to evaluate Nursing Staff needs and provide staff education timely to provide quality care.
14. Must demonstrate ability to function as a cooperative team member with each member of the Nursing Department and other departments.
15. Must demonstrate the ability to follow facility’s policies and procedures.
16. Must demonstrate the ability to manage and supervise the treatment plans for each resident in the facility as indicated.
17. Is willing and capable of providing emergency care as needed for any resident in the facility.
18. Must have a pre-employment and an annual Tuberculosis screening examination.
19. Reviews Nursing Communication Books and Systems.
20. Provides treatment for all residents as ordered.
21. Provides special procedures as ordered.
22. Makes rounds with physicians for those residents with treatment orders.
23. Assesses residents for risk of skin breakdown, tears or lesions. Notes these risks and appropriate intervention on the “Working Copy” of the Interdisciplinary Care Plan.
24. Assesses Nursing Assistants ability to provide skin prevention programs. Provides education as needed. Assists the Licensed Staff assigned to the units to supervise Nursing Assistants to assure programs are followed.
25. Completes weekly skin records accurately describing onset date, size, location, color, healing, odors,cultures, etc. (Pressure Sore and Non-Decub skin condition records).
26. Completes the weekly skin reports for Facility QA. Reviews information with the Director of Nursing noting progress, possible alternate interventions. etc.
27. Makes skin rounds with the Director of Nursing at least weekly discussing prevention, progress, or lack of progress noted.
28. Works with the Nursing Assistants and Licensed Staff to assure the resident other tasks of the day can proceed as appropriate (i.e., bathing, restorative programs, activities, etc.). Notifies physicians of the healing or lack of healing of any lesions. If no healing is noted in at least 3 to 4 weeks, suggest alternate treatment be sought.
29. Transcribe orders as obtained for treatments.
30. Reviews and updates the Treatment Administration Record at the beginning of each month in preparation of the upcoming month.
31. Reviews all laboratory reports for possible infections. Provides education of prevention of infections as needed.
32. Completes tracking forms for all infections in preparation of the facility’s Quality Assessment and Assurance. Reviews the information with the Director of Nursing and/or Administrator in preparation for the meetings.
33. Assists the nursing department to provide a restorative atmosphere.
34. Assists the Licensed Staff assigned to the units as necessary to assure quality care is provided.
Reports any inappropriate findings noted while making rounds of the facility.
35. Assists with auditing of charts.
36. Assists with answering and correcting consultant reports.
37. Makes appropriate notes in Communication Books to assure adequate communication is maintained for nursing.
38. Assists in keeping other departments informed of resident’s change of condition as indicated.
39. Assists in providing in-services for assigned staff as needed each day.
40. Keeps treatment cart stocked, organized. clean and in good repair.
41. Assists Nursing Assistants in keeping residents turned, repositioned, free of contractures, toileted, etc.
42. Assists in supervising meal service of each resident in the facility.
43. Assists in providing required in-services of at least:
       a. prevention of skin breakdown or tears
       b. prevention of infections
44. Assists in the assuring adequate equipment for prevention programs are available and used as indicated.
45. Performs other tasks as assigned.
46. Attends required staff in-services, meetings, orientation, and continuing education activities as required.
47. Is aware of and adheres to Patient’s Bill of Rights and confidentiality of patient information including HIPAA regulations.
48. Interacts with patients and family members, co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in a non-judgmental,supportive and calm manner.
49. Is aware of Patient Abuse Reporting Law.
50. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a positive, helpful and enthusiastic attitude.