Preferred high school or equivalent education.

Responsible to the Charge Nurse/Director of Nurses

1. Must have a genuine interest in the elderly.
2. Must exercise patience and tactfulness in communicating with others.
3. Possess good listening skills.
4. Is able to recognize and identify situations in which problems are such that referral to the Charge Nurse or other Dept Supervisor is indicated.
5. Has sufficient understanding and self-discipline to relate to the residents’ needs and feelings.
6. Has an interest in learning and advancement.
7. Possess the ability to work congenially with others.
8. Must be able to work hours as assigned by the Administrator.

1. Check appointment calendar and assure residents are ready for appointments. Make copy of resident’s current physician‘s order, progress sheet, and Medicaid card, when appropriate. Place in facility envelope and have ready to send with resident.
2. Make sure charts are in order on racks. Update name tags on charts to reflect room change or doctor change. Prepare new charts. Update names on medicine bins in medicine room as needed.
3. Stay at Nurses‘ Station to:
       A. Answer call lights and summon help to room.
       B. Turn off door buzzer and inform nursing assistant, if resident has wandered from building.
       C. Monitor front door for confused resident elopement.
       D. Answer resident phone.
       E. Willing to answer business telephone.
4. Maintain pass book and inform respective nurses of times of departure and return for proper documentation. Notify dietary of any resident who has gone out of the facility over mealtime.  Check book daily to ensure resident signed back in.
5. Send telephone orders to physicians as required. Send physician order sheets.
6. File lab reports on chart after nurse has called physician.
7. File medication and nursing care sheets on chart monthly.
8. File the signed physician order sheets on chart. Verify that they are dated.
9. Maintain Inter-office Resident Status Communication Sheet.
10. Complete laboratory requisition per nurse’s request.
11. Keep proper clerical supplies for Nurses‘ Station.
12. Assemble charts for new residents.
13. Announce nourishments for nursing assistants to pick up at station in the morning and afternoon.
14. Keep daily census record. Fill in each section as needed.
15. Inform M.R. when progress notes are needed by physician.
16. Maintain orderly nursing station.
17. Monitor supplies for Nurse‘s Station. Make sure there are sufficient amounts in nurses’ storage.
18. Audit charts daily as assigned for quantity of progress notes, social, activity, dietary, nursing and quarterly summaries. Schedule is provided by Director of Nursing.
19. All information about a resident is confidential. No inquiries about resident’s medical or
financial records are to be answered over the phone. All complaints from residents or visitors
must be referred to the Charge Nurse, D.O.N., A.D.O.N. or Administration. It is extremely
important that you conduct yourself in a professional, mature manner.
20. Ability to meet and deal with a variety of employees, residents and relatives. Sociability, courtesy and sympathy. Memory, for details. Considerable initiative and judgment needed in promoting favorable Public Relations.
21. Performs other tasks as assigned.
22. Attends required staff in-services, meetings, orientation, and continuing education activities as required.
23. Is aware of, and adheres to, Patient’s Bill of Rights and confidentiality of patient information
including HIPAA regulations.
24. Interacts with patients and family members, co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in a non-
judgmental, supportive and calm manner.
25. Is aware of Patient Abuse Reporting Law.
26. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a positive, helpful and enthusiastic attitude.